Year: 2022

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

Be Able To Control The Weather?


Be Able To Speak To Animals

I would be able to control the weather because changing and controlling the weather is interesting and seems like an amazing power. I think that this power is a good choice because if you were to have a fun day and it was supposed to rain you could change the weather to a sunny day. I feel like being able to change the weather is a great super power because not only can you choose if it’s going to rain or not, also choose if it’s a good day to have the weather.

Response to text: Living The Dream (NASA)

Living the Dream

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What does NASA stand for?


  1. a) North American Space Association  
  2. b) National Aeronautical & Space Association
  3. c) National American Sports Association
  4. d) No Aliens Seen Anywhere


  1. What is Mana Vautier’s job at NASA? 


  1. a) Astronaut Engineer b) Aeronautics Agent
  2. c) Aeronautic Engineer  d) Aeronautics Agent


  1. What caused the space shuttle Columbia to crash in February 2003?


  1. a) was not flown correctly b) damage to right wing
  2. c) damage to left wing d) nobody knows


  1. Describe what the word international means when we talk about the International Space Station:


→ International means  Open to all countries.


  1. True or False: The International Space Station is 500km above the Earth’s surface.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. How many times does the International Space Station circle the Earth every day?


  1. a) One time b) Four times
  2. c) Twelve times d) Eighteen times


  1. Explain why the International Space Station has to withstand extreme temperature changes?


→ The Iss has to withstand extreme temperature changes because the Iss moves from Earth’s shadow to the warmth of the sun.


  1. What are the 5 steps to becoming a NASA Astronaut?
  1.  First you have to be a United States Citizen and have a degree in science, Technology, Engineering in maths. 
  2.  Next  you will go through several rounds of interviews and medical checks.
  3.  Then you will go through 2 years of basic astronaut training that involves how to fly jet planes and survival training.
  4. If you pass you will wait because it could be a few years before your first mission.
  5.   If you are selected for a mission you will go through a final round of training and then congratulations you are an astronaut.


  1. What kinds of things do you think humans will do in space in the future?


→  I think that we will be able to go to mars and maybe explore other planets.

Would You Rather

Would You Rather Live As A Cat


A Dog?

I would live as a Dog because being a dog is so cool you could make a lot of dog friends and if scary stray Cats try to scratch you could bark at them and scare them away. I think that being a dog is a good choice not only do you have lots of people who like dogs but some people need them like blind people. I feel like being a  dog  is a good choice  because i could help lots of blind people cross the road and help them if they needed to cross the road.

Finish That Story Lost Treasure

Finish that Story

WALT: to deconstruct the story.



  1. Complete each section of the template
  2. Write the ending for the Story


  1. Story that you read
School Journal Lost Treasure 
Title Lost Treasure 
Author Anahera Gildea 


  1. Characters
Character Personality Description Physical Description
Whi Obdeinet, Timid and Anxious. Nice.
Hoani Mean, Rude, Unpleasant. Crazy.
Insert row below if you need


  1. Setting
Setting Setting Description
Afternoon at the Orchid Tree. Windy, Raining and cold. 
Insert row below if you need


  1. Plot
Plot Point Description
Beginning It starts to rain but Hoani doesn’t want to give up.
Problem Beginning The rain is making it hard to dig and find the spoon.
Rising Action Hoani wants to go inside but he still wants to find the spoon.
Where has the story been left? Hoani is still at the orchid tree digging.
Predicted climax Hoani is still digging in the cold and wet rain.
Predicted Ending Hoani is still stuck in the  Freezing , Wet and windy rain, still digging next to the orchid tree.


  1. Finish off the story

Start writing under this line

After Whi and his mum leave Hoani still digging next to the orchid tree they leave and then it starts to rain and Aunty pam is telling Hoani to go inside because of the rain and how it’s going to be Freezing cold  and windy but Hoani doesn’t listen. Instead he decides to continue digging in the dirt to find His Nana’s teaspoon, it starts to become really windy,  and Hoani still wants to stay so he can be a hero. Whi tells him that it’s Freezing and he should come inside but Hoani still wants to stay in the rain and dig. After a while Hoani decides to come inside. He is shivering and is Icy Cold, he sees something next to his Nana and then he is very shocked. :”The spoon you guys found when”? Whi tells Hoani that Aunty Pam and His Mum told a fib and that Nana found the spoon straight away and that it was never lost. Whi told Hoani that he got his Comeuppance and he shouldn’t have pranked him so much, Hoani says that he is very sorry for doing that and Whi forgives him.


Would You Rather?

Would You Rather Be Able To Go Invisible?


Be Able To Fly?

I would be able to fly because flying is a very cool power and i could be able to travel the world and see beautiful Landmarks.  I think that being able to fly is a good choice because flying is so cool and also you could go anywhere you want and that could save you lots of money. I feel like being able to fly is a good choice because you will be saving the planet from Air Pollution because Air planes run on Fuel.