CARE – Make it work DLO movie – Inquiry Task

Task description: Today my group and I  have completed our DLO Movie for this term , This term we are studying TECHNOLOGY. We’re asking the question,  ‘What can we design, build, create or change to improve school life at Pt England School?’ We had to do research and create a type of project that would be useful for people in the Team 5 space. To complete this project and to have what have now we had to first get into groups of 5 and draw and create something that we would like to have in our team space , Next we had to find some materials that we would be using to create our SNACK HOLDER!!! If you haven’t realised yet we had made A SNACK HOLDER , Which would be used to help prevent snacks like apples , cookies and popcorn go to waste and they would be trapped in a big with a tiny hole. Anyways , After finding our wood and other materials we wanted to use to create a Snack holder we decided to send a list of what we needed to Mr Wiseman and he went and got them!!! Once we had got our materials (Thank you Mr Wiseman) We started building.  In the movie we had created and edited you can see us working really hard to accomplish what we have now.  After finally finishing our creation we had decided to paint the snack holder and now we are DONE!!

My highlight for this task would be creating and designing a special project with other people that I normally don’t hang out with and getting to know each other better while having fun and building our creation, My low light for this task would be having 1 member in my group not really do anything  and just sit around and do nothing and go on websites that they are not suppose to be on. Which was not really okay because all the other members were working hard and participating and they were doing nothing. Something I could work on next time would be choosing maybe other people in my group that are able to complete their work and focus on what they are doing . Special thank you to Mr wiseman , Thank you for looking at this blog post and thank you to the other members of my group that helped create what we have now . If your wondering these people are , Manaia M , Kensi , Mary , Raewyn. Also thank you to Whea Saf and other teachers that have helped us and other team 5 members to help create our special projects!!!  

Also since I didn’t say my reflection in the movie I will just say it here , My reflection for this task/project was getting the time to make and create a special project for my class, And being able to draw and create a real life snack holder that was created by scratch, And also being lucky enough to have all the materials that we need to create our snack holder.


Google Glasses – Extension task

Task Description:  This term in yr 7&8 Extension we are learning about Futuristic things / Ideas that people have created that are futuristic and supposedly the inventions of the future. By Futuristic we are talking about things like UFOs, Robots and other futuristic creations and we are gonna be finding and choosing a futuristic type of invention and trying to re-create the invention/idea on Tinker cad. If you didn’t know Tinker cad is a free online website that is used to make and create 3D designs , Such as Electrons and coding. We were told to use Tinker cad and use all the different shapes to create a 3D version of what futuristic invention we wanted to do.  To complete this task for this term we had to first do some research on things that are futuristic and things that we may be using in the future as an everyday item. Once we had done that we had to make a google slides that showed the problem and the pros and cons of our chosen invention, For me I had chosen Google glasses which are like glasses but are used to see different websites and apps without moving a muscle as they are glasses so when you put them on you are also able to receive texts , Messages and calls. You are also able to see the weather and read the news/ News articles without going on a device. 

After choosing my invention and creating slides for it , I had to use shapes to create the Google Glasses on Tinker Cad and to create what I have now I had to make a new project , And use different shapes and colour them to have what I wanted to have created. Using Tinker Cad was very easy to help me create a 3D model of my Google Glasses. After creating a 3D model I had to take different screenshots of different angles using the box which helped me see them in different views.  In the photos you can see the 3D models from the Left , Right , Top , Bottom , And Front view. Now once I have done that I am now done with my Project for this term. Thank you for looking at this blog post I hope you enjoyed it! 


Maths Word Problems – Maths Task

Task description:  Today I have finished my maths task for today and this maths task was very easy to do. To complete this maths task I had to choose a piece of paper with maths questions and put them on a google slide. This maths question was about word problems and these word problems were about Multiplication and Division. My highlight for this Maths task was creating my own slides and writing the questions and my low light for this task would be nothing really. Thanking you for looking at this blog post!

The problem – Extension Task

Task Description: Today I have completed one of my Extension tasks for this term and this task was about a New invention using Technology to solve problems. To complete this task I had to first find a device that was new and futuristic. I chose Google Glasses, Google Glasses are a Futuristic invention made by Google and the purpose of the glasses was to be able to see different apps like The Weather app, News Articles and more. Using these Glasses you are able to see different apps and be able to text and call people just by wearing the glasses. Once I had found a futuristic invention I had to make a slide and write what problem I am trying to solve by doing this invention is you can see the screenshot.  Thank you for looking at this blog post.


Saving the world, One swipe at a time – Extension task

Task Description: Today I have completed my Extension task for this week and this task was about a book called Saving the world, One swipe at a time. This book was basically about 3 people and their names are Dmitry Selitskiy , Anna Guenther, Hayden Laird, And what all these 3 people have in common is that they used Technology to solve many problems that people in New Zealand had to go through. To solve the problem they programmed their own websites when they had realised that there were many problems that a lot of people had thought about but never cared to solve. For example one of these problems was that during the hot summer a lot of New Zealanders had gotten a skin decease called Skin cancer which is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, tanning beds, or sunlamps. And that would mean that if you stayed in the sun to long you can get skin cancer, And when Hayden Laird had realised this and realised that booking an appointment and waiting for the doctor would take long he took matters into his own hands and created a website where you can take photos of your skin and then a Skin specialist would check the photos and give you feedback on your skin. Creating this website solved many problems and did not take a long time to get your results back quick.  

This task was very interesting to do because finding out about what different New Zealanders did for other people and how they solved problems no one cared to solve is really interesting, Also finding out about how they accomplished their task. Also having to analyse the text and doing a task for it and getting a better understanding of it.  

Famous NZ Athlete – Reading Task

Task Description: Today I have finished a research task for Mr Moran’s  class, And this reading task was about Famous Nz athletes and to complete this task I had to find a famous NZ athlete and I chose Richie Mo’unga and he is a Rugby Union player and he plays for the Toshiba brave lupus Tokyo which a Japanese rugby team. Once I was done I had to find out stuff about the NZ Athlete and add photos to the slide then I was done. This was really easy and simple to do. 

Word Problems – Maths Task

Task Description: Today I have completed my Maths task and this maths task was from awhile ago and I found it on my drive and I decided to post it.  This Maths task was basically word problems that I had to read and complete. This maths task was okay I found it kind of challenging but that’s okay because I like a challenge. My highlight for this task was even though I found this challenging I still finished it and got a better understanding of it. My low light for this task was getting kind of confused at the start but then getting a better understanding of it. Thank you for looking at this blog post BYE!  

Word Up – Maths Task

Task Description: Today I have Completed my Maths task for this week and this maths task was basically word problems that had to be solved using different operations to find the answers. Once I had finished the maths I had to post it to my blog and now I am done. This maths was very easy and not tricky to do , My High light for this task would be finishing it quick I guess, And being able to find out which operation I will be using for this maths task. My low light would be nothing really. I enjoyed doing this maths task because it was really easy and simple to do, Thank you for looking at my blog post BYE!