Thank you letter

Dear Justine & Synergy health

I just wanted to say Thank you for everything that you have done for me and the rest of my extension class. Thank you for giving us a great time at KPMG and giving us a great day. You guys made our trip to KPMG so much fun and interesting, And I just wanted to say on behalf of Pt England school we are thankful for everything that you’ve done for us and thank you for the great and yummy food you guys feed us with, We will never forget that amazing day so thank you to KPMG and Synergy Health for giving us the best time ever!  And also thank you for gifting us with these amazing Pedometers we are all very thankful and grateful that you have gifted us these!

2 thoughts on “Thank you letter

  1. Hi Victoria!
    Its me your Best friend Kensi, WOW this blog task is super cool, I have A question though, What did you do at KPMG? I really want to know. Also Those Pedometers look cool what do they do as well?

  2. Hi victoria!
    Its me your wife Hailey! this blog task was awesome and super cool to read. What was your favourite part about our KPMG trip?

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