Year: 2022

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ending

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Alternative Ending

Over the last two terms we have been reading the first adventure in the Harry Potter series, and we have reached a climactic moment in the story, where the antagonist will be revealed.

Your job in this task is to write the end to our story.

Harry, Hermione and Ron have been on a mission to discover who is trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone, and have passed through a series of magical challenges, set by the Hogwarts’ professors, the last of which was to choose between different bottles, some dangerous, some safe, and only one that will let them through to the next room. There is only enough for Harry to pass through safely..

Hermione turned and walked straight through the purple fire. Harry took a deep breath and picked up the smallest bottle. He turned to face the black flames. ‘Here I come… ’ he said, and drained the little bottle in one gulp.
It was indeed as though ice was flowing through his body. He put the bottle down and walked forward; he braced himself, saw the black flames lick his body but he couldn’t feel them – for a moment he could see nothing but dark fire – then he was on the other side, in the last chamber.
There was already someone there, but it wasn’t Snape. It wasn’t even Voldemort…

Begin writing your ending here:
Harry felt very shocked and confused all this time. He thought that it was Snape or Voldemort who was trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone but this person was far from what he expected.

The figure who was standing right infront of Harry seemed like a dark shadow.The figure was wearing a dark black cloak and it was so dark it seemed like the person who was wearing the Cloak was a shadow. Harry looked at the dark figure and he could see Big long Curly hair poking out of the Colak.When the dark figure saw Harry it quickly put on an Invisibility Cloak and tried to escape.

But Harry ran as fast as he could and grabbed the Colak off the dark figure it turned around and Harry gasped. The dark figure turned out to be Bellatrix Lestrange. She was working with Voldemort and was getting the Philosopher’s Stone for him.

started laughing .When she tried to use a spell on him, Harry Potter pulled out his wand and did the spell Expelliarmus.Harry who was now holding Bealtix’s wand then suddenly Dumbledore burst into the room with the minister of magic.

Bealtrix tries to run but she gets caught and is now going to Azkaban, Dumbledore tells Harry “You did a good job and I am proud of you”.Harry feels proud of himself and he thanks Hermione and Ron.

The next day it’s the day of the house cup and Harry, Hermione and Ron are walking to the great hall and they stumble across Draco with his friends Crab and Goyle, Draco tells Harry “That Gryfinddor is going to lose and that they will never win” Draco starts laughing . Ron tells Harry and Hermione to just keep on walking.

Draco doesn’t look happy and yells at Crab and Goyle to walk with him

Harry, Hermione and Ron sit down on the chairs as Dumbledore starts talking. He is about to announce the winner for the house cup and all the houses are wishing to win. Dumbledore announces it and in fourth place is Gryffindor, Third place is Hufflepuff, second place is Ravenclaw and Dumbledore yells loudly “ and first place is “Slytherin”
Long green banners fall down from the ceiling and all the people who are in Slytherin stand up and cheer loudly. Then suddenly Dumbledore announces that he has one more thing to say and everyone goes silent. Dumbledore says that he would like to give a thousand points to Gryffindor and everyone is shocked.

Gryfindor starts cheering and shouting but slydroin is confused, Draco yells at Dumbledore “why does Gryfindor get lots of points” Dumbledore tells Draco that Gryfindor deserved it. Everyone is congratulating Gryfindor and everyone is celebrating their win as an expert for Slytherin.

Response To Text Dodinga 1858

Today i have completed my Response To Text and it was about a story called Dodinga 1858 and the author of the story was Paul Mason. For my Response To Text i had to read the book and do the slides about it. My favourite part about this task was finding out what some of the words in the text mean.  I found this really fun and interesting to do. 

Response To Text Navigating

Today I have  finished my Response To Text and it was about Navigating. I read the article about it and I completed it. This was very fun to do  


Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. The technique of looking for and locating objects on the shore to navigate is called?


  1. a) Navigation 
  2. b) Dead Reckoning
  3. c) Piloting
  4. d) Lighthouses


2.What is dead reckoning


  1. a) Using objects on the shore to navigate        
  2. b) Recording how far you have travelled in each direction based on a fixed point
  3. c) Using the stars and Sun to decide which way to go
  4. d) Making dead people decide which way to go


  1. Using the Sun, Moon, and stars to navigate is called?


  1. a) Celestial movement b) Global Positioning System
  2. c) Celestial Navigation d) none of the above


  1. Explain, in your own words, how you think GPS (Global Positioning Systems) work.


→I think that GPS works when you put your location on your phone and then the GPS can see where you are and take  you where you need to go.


  1. True or False: Submarines use high frequency radiation to navigate underwater.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. What are the people outside of an aircraft who help navigate planes called?


  1. a) Pilots b) Navigators
  2. c) Air Traffic Controllers d) Playstation Controllers


celestial Made out of the apparent position of heavenly bodies. Ship Navigators use Celestial Navigation. 
global In or having to do with the whole earth. Global warming is terrible.
compass A tool for finding direction. You can use a compass to go places.


  1. Explain: Birds were released by navigators from ships to find land, but how else, do you think, navigators could use wild birds to find land?

i think that they could use wild birds  to find land and see new places.

Opinon Writting

Today I have completed my Opinion Writing and it was about if you think that gaming should be taught in school. We had to write a short Eassy showing us why we think that gaming should be taught in School, i found this really fun and interesting. 

I think that gaming should be taught in school for a number of reasons. Firstly,  because the school could teach you to be calm and not rage if you die or lose. School can also  teach you to not use bad language when playing a game. Secondly,  If gaming was taught at school then people who are shy could make friends and be able to talk to people and communicate easily because sometimes when you are playing a game online you can talk to people and communicate with them. 

 Thirdly, This could help you to be more calm and not angry. If you get angry school could teach you to stop playing and calm down, and also take some deep breaths. 

Lastly, If gaming was taught in school then lots of kids and adults  could make lots of money from streaming games on Twitch or post their own videos on youtube. They could also take part in the E sports.