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Google Glasses – Extension task

Task Description:  This term in yr 7&8 Extension we are learning about Futuristic things / Ideas that people have created that are futuristic and supposedly the inventions of the future. By Futuristic we are talking about things like UFOs, Robots and other futuristic creations and we are gonna be finding and choosing a futuristic type of invention and trying to re-create the invention/idea on Tinker cad. If you didn’t know Tinker cad is a free online website that is used to make and create 3D designs , Such as Electrons and coding. We were told to use Tinker cad and use all the different shapes to create a 3D version of what futuristic invention we wanted to do.  To complete this task for this term we had to first do some research on things that are futuristic and things that we may be using in the future as an everyday item. Once we had done that we had to make a google slides that showed the problem and the pros and cons of our chosen invention, For me I had chosen Google glasses which are like glasses but are used to see different websites and apps without moving a muscle as they are glasses so when you put them on you are also able to receive texts , Messages and calls. You are also able to see the weather and read the news/ News articles without going on a device. 

After choosing my invention and creating slides for it , I had to use shapes to create the Google Glasses on Tinker Cad and to create what I have now I had to make a new project , And use different shapes and colour them to have what I wanted to have created. Using Tinker Cad was very easy to help me create a 3D model of my Google Glasses. After creating a 3D model I had to take different screenshots of different angles using the box which helped me see them in different views.  In the photos you can see the 3D models from the Left , Right , Top , Bottom , And Front view. Now once I have done that I am now done with my Project for this term. Thank you for looking at this blog post I hope you enjoyed it! 


Saving the world, One swipe at a time – Extension task

Task Description: Today I have completed my Extension task for this week and this task was about a book called Saving the world, One swipe at a time. This book was basically about 3 people and their names are Dmitry Selitskiy , Anna Guenther, Hayden Laird, And what all these 3 people have in common is that they used Technology to solve many problems that people in New Zealand had to go through. To solve the problem they programmed their own websites when they had realised that there were many problems that a lot of people had thought about but never cared to solve. For example one of these problems was that during the hot summer a lot of New Zealanders had gotten a skin decease called Skin cancer which is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, tanning beds, or sunlamps. And that would mean that if you stayed in the sun to long you can get skin cancer, And when Hayden Laird had realised this and realised that booking an appointment and waiting for the doctor would take long he took matters into his own hands and created a website where you can take photos of your skin and then a Skin specialist would check the photos and give you feedback on your skin. Creating this website solved many problems and did not take a long time to get your results back quick.  

This task was very interesting to do because finding out about what different New Zealanders did for other people and how they solved problems no one cared to solve is really interesting, Also finding out about how they accomplished their task. Also having to analyse the text and doing a task for it and getting a better understanding of it.  

Thank you letter

Dear Justine & Synergy health

I just wanted to say Thank you for everything that you have done for me and the rest of my extension class. Thank you for giving us a great time at KPMG and giving us a great day. You guys made our trip to KPMG so much fun and interesting, And I just wanted to say on behalf of Pt England school we are thankful for everything that you’ve done for us and thank you for the great and yummy food you guys feed us with, We will never forget that amazing day so thank you to KPMG and Synergy Health for giving us the best time ever!  And also thank you for gifting us with these amazing Pedometers we are all very thankful and grateful that you have gifted us these!

Dear new government – Extension task

Task Description: Today I have completed my Extension task for this term and this Extension task was something similar to what I have done Last term but for this Jam board we talked about issues that are important to different age groups.  To do this task you would have to go into a group of 4, The people in my group were Hailey, Kensi, Zaria and me. Once you had your people in your group you would have to talk and discuss what we thought were important for the age groups. My group first started on what we thought were important for toddlers, We thought about lots of things but the one we thought was most important was spending time with Family and friends because when your a toddler you spend lots of time with your family and friends so we chose that.  The 4 Topic or ideas that were in the jam bored were , Issues that are important to 11-13 year old, Issues that may be important to our parents, Aunts, Uncles and teachers, Issues that may be important to people who are retired (65+) and the one my group started with Issues that important to toddlers.  For this task my group was the colour pink and each colour represents what other groups thought and their Opinions for what they thought. I think that we might use these Jam board slides to help us with our Extension task for this term and we might have to go back and use that information and just add on more to our projects. I enjoyed doing this task because I liked how everyone else had their opinions and knew and thought about what they thought about each topic and were able to right down what they thought. Thank you for looking at this blog post i hope you enjoyed it! 

Term 2 Extension Project

Task Description: Today I have completed my Extension project for this term we have been looking at 3 important words Social concussions , Sustainability and Cultural appreciation. This meant that we would have to choose a culture that we would like to do and make a type of traditional clothes for a special occasional.

For this term we have been  fashion designers and we have been looking at many different cultures and thinking of how we can make traditional fashion for a specific culture but not be cultural apportion or steal clothes that aren’t ours. We also had to make sure that it was okay for the environment and that we knew what materials they were using so that we could find out more. 

The culture that I have chosen was Fijian and i decided to make a traditional Fijian women’s wedding dress. I had used many different Fijian patterns for this dress, I had also added some texts boxes to show you what some of the materials used to make this amazing dress and what the name of some of the things used to make the dress. For this task I had been working on this project for half of this week and have done heaps of research on this. 

Social Consciousness: That could mean being aware of how your actions will impact others, being able to read other people’s emotions through verbal and non-verbal cues, and seeing a situation as if you were standing in someone else’s shoes.

Sustainability: Sustainability is about small changes we can make to help look after the planet. Making these changes helps protect animals, plants and our natural resources so that future generations will be able to enjoy them.

Cultural Appropriation: Cultural appropriation involves stealing or misusing elements of another culture. These elements may be the shared ideologies and beliefs of people within a culture, their lifestyles, or even their creative and artistic productions.

Fashion & Culture: Fashion is most often thought of as a global industry that is invested in anticipating what we wear and how we wish to appear to others. But fashion isn’t just a business. It’s also a cultural and social phenomenon, driven by the desire for the new.

Y7&8 Extension-Fashion Jam board.

Good morning, Today me Kensi, and Eleni have finished our Extension work for today. To completed this task we had to first get in a group of 3 and we had to go through these Jam board slides that mrs Burton had made, we had and had to write what we thought about the words and what they mean, People in my group went through 5 slides and write what the word means or what we thought it meant. After doing this we had to talk about it with our group and discuss what we thought about it, we talked and thought about lots of things. One of the things we talked about and discussed  was about Sustainability and we thought that Sustainability means to promote the well being of people, communicates and the environment. We thought that the way people use sustainability is that they use the resources to make clothes around them to make stuff. I like to make fashionable wear. We enjoyed doing this task because we found it very fun and interesting to discuss what we thought, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and BYE:) 

Y7&8 Extension – Fashion

Timeline Of Protests In Nz

Today for  Extension  i have completed 12 slides of  timelines about protests in New Zealand. I had to first do research about the different topics about different types of Protests, Once i had finished that i had to write it down on paper notes and me and the others in Extension had to put them in order and make sure that they were all in correct timelines. While we were doing this we all had to make a copy of this slide and write them down and put them in this slide, We  made  sure we were correct and that they weren’t in the wrong timeline. I enjoyed doing this task because it was really interesting to find out about all of these topics and learn and find out more about all the different Protests . Did you know that New Zealand was the first country to let women vote. And that  Women were officially  allowed to vote on  19 September 1893!