Measuring Liquid Volume: Millilitres and Liters

Good morning, Today I have completed my maths task for today and this task was about measuring liquid volume and litres. To do this task i had to go through the slides and answer questions like “what item would be measured using litres?” and what “unit or measurement?”  These questions were easy to do because i have been doing maths like this for ages. Thank you for looking at this blog post! 

2 thoughts on “Measuring Liquid Volume: Millilitres and Liters

  1. Hi Victoria its your best friend Kensi! This task you have done is really amazing love how you are working hard on all of your tasks you are so amazing I hope your teacher is so proud of your learning you deserve an award anyways I wont waste your time talking so… BYE!!

  2. Hi Victoria!,You have finished these slides to perfection Well done!! I like how you quickly(since i was sitting next to you) identified the measurement whether it is Litres or Millilitres . keep up the great work!

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