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Country Research Project Planning slides – Writing Task

Task description: Today I have completed my Writing task for this week and this task was basically a research project that you had to do by yourself. To complete this task you had first do some research on a country that you found interesting but sadly you couldn’t do any of the pacific islands so I had to do a country named Croatia. Filling out the info for this task was kinda hard and annoying but it’s fine because I finished this task, I enjoyed doing this task a little bit, thank you for looking at my blog post bye!

Speech Reflection – Witting Task

Task description: Today I have completed my Writing task for this week. This task was about my speech reflection and for this task I just had to answer the questions on what I thought about the questions. This task was really easy to do and my conclusion for this speech task was to be normal next time you do your speech if that makes sense. Thank you for looking at this blog post bye!

Rust information report

 Rust information report


What is Rust? 

Rust is a type of corrosion that happens to iron and its alloy when it is exposed to air or water for a long period of time. 


How is rust made?

Rust is iron oxide, and is a form of corrosion that is caused by a chemical reaction that affects most iron and steel, that is left in a moist area that is not covered in paint or grease. 


How to stop Rust?

Rust can be prevented by keeping oxygen and water away from any iron surface and putting paint or anything that can be coated over Iron.

The land Lady Letter

Good afternoon, Today i have finished my writing task for this week and it was about Foreshadowing and learning how to write stories. If you’re wondering what foreshadowing is it’s basically an indication for a future event.

We like that  to do this task i had to first read the short story by Roald Dahl and after that i had to watch the short film based on the book. Once we had done that we had to pretend that we were in the story and that we were the main character. I enjoyed doing this task because it was fun and interesting to do,  I hope you enjoyed this blog post BYE:)  

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