Google Glasses – Extension task

Task Description:  This term in yr 7&8 Extension we are learning about Futuristic things / Ideas that people have created that are futuristic and supposedly the inventions of the future. By Futuristic we are talking about things like UFOs, Robots and other futuristic creations and we are gonna be finding and choosing a futuristic type of invention and trying to re-create the invention/idea on Tinker cad. If you didn’t know Tinker cad is a free online website that is used to make and create 3D designs , Such as Electrons and coding. We were told to use Tinker cad and use all the different shapes to create a 3D version of what futuristic invention we wanted to do.  To complete this task for this term we had to first do some research on things that are futuristic and things that we may be using in the future as an everyday item. Once we had done that we had to make a google slides that showed the problem and the pros and cons of our chosen invention, For me I had chosen Google glasses which are like glasses but are used to see different websites and apps without moving a muscle as they are glasses so when you put them on you are also able to receive texts , Messages and calls. You are also able to see the weather and read the news/ News articles without going on a device. 

After choosing my invention and creating slides for it , I had to use shapes to create the Google Glasses on Tinker Cad and to create what I have now I had to make a new project , And use different shapes and colour them to have what I wanted to have created. Using Tinker Cad was very easy to help me create a 3D model of my Google Glasses. After creating a 3D model I had to take different screenshots of different angles using the box which helped me see them in different views.  In the photos you can see the 3D models from the Left , Right , Top , Bottom , And Front view. Now once I have done that I am now done with my Project for this term. Thank you for looking at this blog post I hope you enjoyed it! 


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