Month: March 2022

Response To Text Beijing China

Beijing, China – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1)  How long has Beijing been China’s centre for Government?

  1. a)  Almost 20 years b) Almost 200 years

     c)Almost 800 years d)  Almost 80 years


2) Which two rivers does Beijing sit between?

  1. a) Yongding and Yellow Rivers b)  Yangtze and Yellow Rivers
  2. c)  Chobai and Yangtze RIvers d)  Yongding and Chobai Rivers


3) After not letting people in for hundreds of years, what is the Forbidden City now?

  1. a) A theme park b) A government building
  2. c) A museum d) A military base


4) Which of Beijing’s Parks contains the “Temple of Heaven”?

  1. a)  Beihai Park b)  Tiantan Park
  2. c)  Tiananmen Square d)  Cornwall Park


5)  Who was the leader responsible for naming Beijing “Dadu” in the 1200’s?

  1. a)  Vladimir Putin b)  Donald Trump
  2. c) Kublai Khan d) Ghengis Khan


6) Tiananmen Square is one of the most famous places in Beijing, but what is a “Tiananmen”?

Tiananmen is Translated to Heaven’s Gate Mountains.


7) Beijing does something that is “unlike” other big cities – what is it?

Beijing makes clothes, Cars , Electronics, Computers and Machinery  while other Big cities are farmers and grow fruits and Vegetables.


8) Do you think it is important for countries to look after ancient and old places like The Forbidden City?

 Explain your answer in 2 or more sentences

I think that it is important for countries to look after ancient and old places because they are like history and we should keep it so that not only we can see but other people in a new generation and mostly because it seems like you are wiping down history.

Response To Text Landmarks In China

Famous Attractions in China – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1) Which famous Chinese attraction reaches from the fortresses of Shanhaiguan to Jiayuguan?

  1. a) Terracotta Army b) Great Wall of China
  2. c) Great Balls of Fire d)  Zhangjiajie National Park


2) How tall is the Great Wall of China on average?

  1. a) 6 – 8 feet tall b)  6 – 8 metres tall
  2. c)  6 – 8 horses tall d) 6 – 8 kilometres tall.


3) Which famous attraction was not allowed to be visited by anyone except the royal family and their staff?

  1. a) Chimelong Ocean Kingdom b) The Terracotta Army
  2. c) The Forbidden City d) Zhangjiajie National Park


4) How many horses were found in the Terracotta Army?

  1. a)  10,000 b)  520
  2. c)  850 d) There were no horses.


5)  Which movie was inspired by the amazing mountains in the Zhangjiajie National Park?

  1. a)  Batman b)  Avatar
  2. c) Jungle Cruise d) Space Jam 2


6) How many Guinness World Records does the Whale Shark tank and Chimelong Ocean Kingdom have?

The Whale Shark Tank has won 5 World records and The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has won 5.


7) Put the attractions in the correct order from oldest to newest.


Great Wall of China  

The Forbidden City

The Terracotta Army


Zhangjiajie National Park Chimelong Ocean



8) Which of these attractions would you most like to visit? Explain why you would like to visit this place


I would like to visit The Great Wall Of China because I would like to go and see the beautiful man made structure and look at how old it is.

Response To Text Chinese Food

Food in China – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1) How often do Chinese people buy fresh vegetables and fruit?

  1. a) Once a week b) Once a month
  2. c) Every 2 hours d)  Once a day


2) Chinese food consists of which four food groups?

  1. a) grains, vegetables, beans, and meat b) fruit, vegetables, beans, and meat
  2. c)  grains, fruit, vegetables, and meat d) grains, vegetables, fruit, and beans.


3) Rice is eaten more in…?

  1. a) Eastern China b) Northern China
  2. c) Southern China d) Western China


4) Why do Chinese people not eat a lot of milk & dairy products?

  1. a) They think it’s yuck b) They don’t have cows in China
  2. c) They are lactose intolerant d) They are allergic to cows


5) In a Chinese diet how many meals will contain rice?

  1. a) None b) Some
  2. c) Most d) All


6) What happens to someone who does not eat all of their rice?

  1. a) They die b) They marry someone with a pimply face
  2. c) They will have 10 years of bad luck d) None of the above


7) Every grain of rice is described as “a hardship of labour”. What do those words mean?