Dear new government – Extension task

Task Description: Today I have completed my Extension task for this term and this Extension task was something similar to what I have done Last term but for this Jam board we talked about issues that are important to different age groups.  To do this task you would have to go into a group of 4, The people in my group were Hailey, Kensi, Zaria and me. Once you had your people in your group you would have to talk and discuss what we thought were important for the age groups. My group first started on what we thought were important for toddlers, We thought about lots of things but the one we thought was most important was spending time with Family and friends because when your a toddler you spend lots of time with your family and friends so we chose that.  The 4 Topic or ideas that were in the jam bored were , Issues that are important to 11-13 year old, Issues that may be important to our parents, Aunts, Uncles and teachers, Issues that may be important to people who are retired (65+) and the one my group started with Issues that important to toddlers.  For this task my group was the colour pink and each colour represents what other groups thought and their Opinions for what they thought. I think that we might use these Jam board slides to help us with our Extension task for this term and we might have to go back and use that information and just add on more to our projects. I enjoyed doing this task because I liked how everyone else had their opinions and knew and thought about what they thought about each topic and were able to right down what they thought. Thank you for looking at this blog post i hope you enjoyed it! 

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