Thank you Ma’am – Reading Task

Task Description: Today I have completed my reading task for today and this task was about a book that me and my reading group are reading this week and this book is called Thank you Ma’am. This book was about a homeless boy who is currently struggling and since he is poor he has to rely on stealing from people, So one day when the boy is trying to steal this big bag from a lady and when the lady relies that he tried to steal from her instead of attacking the boy she instead gives him a life lesson that he will never forget. She notices that his face is dirty so she takes him home and washes his face and feeds him. To complete this task I had to read the book and answer the questions on the slides, This task was very interesting to do and I liked this book because it was a good book and my favourite part would be when she taught him a lesson and kind of changed him. Thank you for looking at this blog post bye!

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