Algebra – Maths Task

Task Description: Today I have completed my maths task for today and this task was about Algebra and getting a basic understanding of it.  To complete this task I had to first go on the mat with the rest of my group and we went from 1-2 slides and work on it together as a group, on the mat we also had to find out if the question has subtraction or addition. Once we had done that I had to go back to my desk and complete this task.  This task was really easy and simple to do and it helped me get a better understanding of Algebra. I hope to do something like this again but I’m hoping  it will be harder.  My highlight for this task would be getting a better understanding of Algebra and now I understand Algebra better, My low light would probably be nothing really because this task was good. Something I could work on next time would be saying what I did because I messed up by saying 25-100 instead of 100-25, but it’s okay. This task was really fun and easy to do, Thank you for looking at this blog post bye!

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