Day: May 23, 2023

Melting choclate

Today,  Me Kensi and Eleni have made mould out of chocolate but how did we do it? First we got some chocolate and put it in a bowl and melted it in the microwave and steered it up. after we have done it we put them into a pipping bag and we all worked together to put it in the bag and not make a mess. we all took turns to make a type of creation out of it and create what we wanted with it. i made some hearts and dots. This task was very fun to do because everybody work as a time to do this and it was just a lot of fun. Thank you Miss stone for letting us do this experiment it was a lot of fun. 


Experiment day 1- Ooblex

Good  morning, Today i have completed my science experiment and task for today and it was about a type of non-Newtonian fluid that is made when you combine corn starch and water. For this way we had to combine corn starch and water and mix it together. After we had done that we had noticed that the mixture had become solid when you applied pressure and a liquid when you had not applied pressure. This task was very fun and interesting to do because it was fun when we got to touch the mixture and feel it, i enjoyed this task a lot and i hope very soon we do it again. Thank you for looking at this blog post i hope you enjoyed this and bye:)