Day: May 1, 2023

My goals for term 2 is…

My goal for term 2 for me is to complete all my work! This means for me that if I get any work given to me to do i will complete it and make sure that I complete it and make sure to turn it in. i will do this by trying very hard to always stay on task and complete it and make sure that all of my work is completed, posted on my blog and turned it. 

Vocabulary Activtey

Good morning, Today i have completed my vocabulary to activate for today and it was about finding out the meaning for the words we have and to put it in a sentence. Doing this task was very interesting because i had to find out the meaning of the words that have to do with ANZAC day. All of the words were very interesting and new for me but i still finished this task. Did you know that an infantry is a  branch made up of soldiers to fight on foot? Thank you for looking at this blog post i hope you enjoyed this and bye.