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Maths Goals

Task Description: Today I have completed my maths task for today and this maths task was about our Maths goals. To complete this task I had to think and write 3 sentences about How to get to the next level and how I would do it, I also had to write another 3 sentences about how I can help myself. This Task was very easy to do but it was also kind of hard thinking of answers for the questions. My Highlight for this task would be finding out different ways of how I can achieve my maths goals and how to do it, And  My low light for this task would be taking kind of long trying to figure out different ways I can achieve my goals. Something I could work on next time would be not taking very long to figure out how to achieve my goals.  Thank you for looking at this blog post, I hope you enjoyed looking at it bye!  

To get to the next level I need to:

1.   Work harder 

2. Practice doing math at home, and during the holidays.

3. Practice all my time tables over and over. 

I can help myself by:

  • Doing math at home or doing Math whizz.
  • Starting with simple math questions then moving onto more harder math questions. 
  • Going to math clubs or kumon, To help me get better at math.