Month: October 2022

Invisble Strings

Hello and good morning today i have completed my Literacy Rotation task for room 6 and it is called Invisible Strings and for this task you have to mostly ask your peers what you think about them and then you put it in the text box. I found this really interesting because i wanted to know what my peers think of me i hope you enjoyed this Blog post . 👍👍👍

Response to Text (Recount D) – Room 8 Literacy (2022)

Hello and Good Morning, Today i have completed my reading task for this week and it was about a book that my group has been reading called The Best Holiday Ever. The Best Holiday Ever is a book about a girl and her family visiting black pool to see his auntie and uncle who just had a baby and we get to know more about his holiday. I enjoyed doing this task and i hope you enjoy it too. 👍👍👍 

The Best Holiday Ever (Key Learning Task) (L3)

Hello and good morning, Today i have completed my Reading task for today and it was about Highlighting words that match their colour. What that means is that there were  four colours and each colour had a meaning for them.

Yellow: Highlight the words or phrases that indicate Time or When something happens.

Green: Highlight words or phrases that describe what someone is Doing.

Orange: Highlight the words or phrases that describe how the Narrator feels.

Blue: highlight the words or phrases that DESCRIBE a person or an object..