Term 1 Extension Project

This term for year 7&8 we have been working on a project for the whole of term 1 we have been looking and leaning more about Protest in New Zealand. We all got to chose which protest we would like to be looking at for the whole term and i chose to do a project all about the Women’s suffrage protest. I chose this protest because i felt like this was a very serious topic to talk about and how women were not able to do the same-things that men did like having the right to vote, get a job or even go to school. Lots of womenWomen’s rights were taken away and thats why i think that this topic is important. 

This task is about the women’s suffrage protest and how other  people especially women felt about this topic and how they had no rights. This scratch project is about different  peoples point of view and what they thought about this. I have include lots of women that have protested about this topic and a man and what he thought. 

This task was very challenging for me because i put a-lot of effort in it and how i coded this and drew everything from scratch. But i’m glad i worked really hard on this task because i enjoyed the outcome. I hope you enjoyed this task and i hope that you have learnt more about this topic. 


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