Rust task

Good morning, Today i have completed my other task for this week and it was a Rust task that i had to do to complete one of my reading tasks and that is a word find. This task for me was easy and simple because it was basically just putting the information that i know about this topic into the text boxes. I hope you enjoyed looking at this blog post!

Fast Rust Task



Work on this Doc together with a partner.


What 3 ingredients are needed for rust to occur.

Iron Water Oxygen


Write a brief paragraph explaining the rusting process (why rusting occurs)

When metal or iron starts to rust, a reddish orange type of metal starts forming, how rust forms is that when the iron reacts to the water and oxygen. Rust is the result of corroding steel after the iron particles have been exposed to oxygen and moisture. 


How could you prevent something from rusting?

One way you could prevent something from rusting is storing the metal or iron in a very low moisture area or in a temperature controlled area. Or if you can’t do this one way you could protect your iron is by applying grease or paint. This protects the metal for a period of time until you need to reapply the coat once the grease or paint starts to fade away. In conclusion, try to keep the iron away from water or moisture and if you can’t protect your metal with grease or paint.


Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.


Write down any new words you found in Fast Rust or the article about rust. Make sure you learn what the word means and write down a definition you understand for each new word.

Word Definition
Corrosion A breakdown of materials due to a chemical action like rusting.
Alloy A metal mixed with another element to make the metal stronger
Compound A mixture of 2 or more chemical elements.
Iron oxide Chemical compound used of iron and oxygen. 
Moisture Condensed or diffused liquid
exposed Left or being without shelter or protection
decomposed Breakdown or caused to be broken down.
Molecule The weight of which is measured in any unit.
Decay To be decomposed or to rot
chemical A substance  produced or used in a chemical process. 

Create a word find that includes your new words found in the journal or article.

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