Month: March 2023

Book Review- It used To Be Green Once

  • What is the TITLE? Who wrote the text/story?
  • It used to be green once. Patrica grace
  • What genre is the text?  Non-Fiction (Real life)? Fiction (Story)?
  • Non-Fiction 
  • What happened in the story? (Fiction) What key facts did the author share? (Non-Fiction)
  • A mother had 14 children and was really cheap but for a good reason and the author Patrica grace talks about how she grew up and what her childhood was like. 
  • Did  you enjoy the text? Why/why not? 
  • Yes, I kinda enjoyed the text because i found it very interesting how Patrica grace grew up and the things she and her siblings had to go through. 
  • What is one key message/fact that you learnt from the text? 
  • Things get better in your life but you just need to work for it. 
  • Explain who you think would like to read this text? (gender, age, interests)
  • People who grew up really cheap and kind of had a type of rough childhood. 



The Signing Of The Treaty

Good afternoon, Today i have completed my inquiry task for today and it was about the signing of the treaty of Waitangi. We only had to do 2 slides and we had to write what happened in the videos and 5 facts about it. I enjoyed doing this task because it was fun and we also finished watching all the videos. Thank you for looking at this blog post Bye.

Maths Problems

Good afternoon, Today i have completed my maths task for this week and it was about adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing. We only had to do 2 slides for today but its okay, i enjoyed doing this and thank you for looking at this blog post.