Month: August 2022

Response To Text (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Today i have completed my Response to text and it was about The famous painter and his name is Leonardo Da Vinci. I enjoyed doing this task and i found it really easy and fun to do.


Leonardo Da Vinci

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What type of artwork was Leonardo Da Vinci not known for?


  1. a) Sculptor                                         b) Photographer
  2. c) Painter                       d) Mathematician


  1. What does “Da Vinci” mean? 


  1. a) His father’s name was Vinci           b) He was born in Vinci
  2. c) He was wealthy                   d) Vinci was his job title


  1. At what age did Leonardo begin his art apprenticeship?


  1. a)  21 b) 14
  2. c) 10 d) 16


  1. List some of the occupations that Leonardo Da Vinci was renowned for?


A painter, An architect, An engineer and Inventor.


  1. True or False: “Sfumato” means steam


  1. a) True b) False


  1. What caused “The Last Supper” to fade?


  1. a) due to the light                      b) due to using a different type of paint
  2. c) someone tried to paint over it             d) It was painted on glass


  1. Name Leonardo Da Vinci’s other masterpieces? 

Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci, Saint John the Baptist and Salvator Mundi.

Things i can’t imaging my life without


    Things I can’t imagine my life without…                               

                   These are the things I chose

                                            And why.

  • God and Jesus: because they are a part of my religion and I believe in them. They are also 

really important to me, I believe in them and i am really thankful. 

  •  Food: Because if we humans did not eat food we could actually die and we need it to survive. Also there are many delicious  foods from around the world and they taste amazing. 

  •  Family: I love my family so much  because they are always there for me and my family is really important to me. My family is  amazing and so much more.