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Winter Olympics – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1)  Where, and when were the first Winter Olympic Games held?

  1. a)  1924 – Olympia, Greece b) 1944 – Chamonix, France
  2. c) 1924 – Chamonix, France d)  2022 – Beijing, China


2) Which two years were the Winter Olympics NOT held?

  1. a) 1928 and 1932 b)  1998 and 2002
  2. c)  1840 and 1844 d)  1940 and 1944


3) Why were the Olympic Games not held those years?

  1. a) They ran out of snow b) World War II
  2. c) World War I d) Covid-19


4) Which current sport is descended from the discontinued sport “Military Patrol” ?

  1. a)  Beihai Park b)  Tiantan Park
  2. c)  Tiananmen Square d)  Cornwall Park


5)  What are the FIVE original sports of the Winter Olympics?

    1.  alpine skiing
    2.   luge
    3.  short track speed skating
    4.   freestyle skiing
  • Snowboarding


6) After being made the hosts of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, what was Beijing the first city to do?

Beijing became the first city to host the summer olympics and the winter olympic games.


7) The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 were held between which dates ? 

4 Of February and the 20 of February.

How many days is that? 

17 Days.


8) Which Winter Olympic Sport would you like to compete in? Explain why you chose this sport.

I would like to compete in snowboarding because I think that it looks like a very fun and amazing sport to participate in.


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